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Our directions are so easy to follow that it's almost impossible to install these pullout rolling shelves incorrectly! However, if you need help, please feel free to call us and we'll walk you through the process.

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Q: What is the widest possible cabinet opening the rolling shelves will fit into?
A: 32 1/2" cabinet opening
A: 32 1/2" cabinet opening

Q: How much weight will the rolling shelves hold?
A: Rolling pullout shelves and guides are rated for 100 lbs.

Q: How durable is the 9-Ply Baltic Birch sides and 13-ply Baltic birch fronts?
A: Unlike particle or chip board which can dry out and begin to crumble, each layer of the plywood holds the other layer together. That is why a laminated beam is stronger than a solid wood beam

Q: When I push my rolling shelf in it falls off the guide on the back left side?
A: Adjust the left guide in towards the shelf until it stops falling off.

Q: There is a rubbing sound when the rolling shelf guide is pushed in.
A: Check if the screws are rubbing on the guide or the guides in the back may be too close or the guides might be declining down from the front of the cabinet to the back, causing the shelf to rub on the bottom of the cabinet.

Q: I accidentally made my rolling shelf too small.
A: Don't worry, just add some metal washers to the sides on top of the " spacer to bring the guides in.

Q: I accidentally made my pull out shelf too big.
A: Simply cut or file downthe supplied "spacer". It will still hold just as well. Or, if it is too big, you may need to disassemble one side of the shelf and cut down accordingly.

Q: One side of the rolling shelf in the front does not sit on the guide.
A: Move the rear mount socket up, and adjust accordingly as needed. What happened is the opposite side of the lifted side was too low in the back.

If you need help additional help installing your pullout rolling shelf, please feel free to call us and we'll walk you through the process. Call 623-516-7523 or 866-512-6951.



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